Fiddlers vs Seadrift

Fiddlers vs Seadrift
Posted on 02/01/2019
The 7th A Boys Basketball team played last night in Seadrift and won 43-16.
Date: 1/31/2019

Winner: Travis 7A

Final Score: Travis 43 vs Seadrift 16

Points by Quarter: 1st- 15  2nd- 6  3rd- 7  4th- 15

Player Points: Jayce Campos 16 points, John Arnim 7 points, Sean Laguna 6 points, Bradley Thomas 6 points, Rhyon Gonzales 2 points, Marquise Farrow 2 points, Misael Goebel 2 points, Pedro Chavez 2 points

Leaders in Rebounds: Pedro Chavez,  Bradley Thomas, Ruben Villarreal, Sean Laguna,

Leaders in Steals: Jayce Campos, Sean Laguna, Ethan Perez