Travis Times

Travis Times
Posted on 10/08/2018

Travis Times

Travis has started a new program called Travis Times. It is a time when students get rewarded for having all their work done by attending different clubs and activities. Some of the places that students can go are: Open Gym, Art Club, Band, Choir, Robotics, Shop Club, Chess Club, Cheer Club, Garden Club, Library, Mathcounts, Academic Computer Lab, Study Hall, and more are being added. Students sign up for what classes they want on Monday. If a student is behind in any class, or get their privilege card taken away,  they must attend a tutorial class. If a student has Lunch detention, they will attend lunch detention and not go to any activities. Students may also eat lunch in the Quad, or the Corner Cafe, as well as in the cafeteria.

Travis Times are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This does affect the schedule for the day. The Travis Time schedule is as follows:

1st - 8:00 - 8:49

2nd - 8:52 - 9:38

3rd - 9:41 - 10:30

4th - 10:33 - 11:22

Block A Lunch - 11:22 - 11:52 Last name begins with A - L

Block B Lunch - 11:52 - 12:22 Last name begins with M - Z

(exceptions for lunch blocks are made for club meetings)

5th - 12:25 - 1:14

6th - 1:17 - 2:06

7th - 2:09 - 2:58

8th - 3:01 - 3:50

This week due to Campus Based Assessments, there was no Travis Time. We will return to Travis Time next Tuesday, October 16.